Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ever get disillusioned with testing

I have been applying for the odd position here and there over the last few months. One or two have got to the interview stage which as usual has been an eye opening experience. In one interview I thought I had blazed it, the only downside was the written test that I had to do, which I was not prepared for at all and so made a real messy attempt. That was my fault and accept it. However I did not even get a courtesy feedback reply from them which might suggest that the test they stressed was not that important, suddenly became very important.

I recently went for another interview and thought I did OK, I got back feedback this time. They said I came across well, and appeared to be a solid competent TA..HOWEVER they seem to think that I lacked enthusiasm and drive. There was also the case that there was previous mutual client that I could never work for again and this client matters to them, so it meant I ruled myself out as soon as brought the whole sorry episode up. I actually thought I should have never brought up that tragic project from my previous testing experience but I thought I would be honest, perhaps I was too honest and perhaps lingered far to long on the explanation of what went wrong and my role in it. The project when I joined was already in trouble it just went further south..and I didnt cover myself in glory either.

Ah well I need to think about my life in the testing world, I am no longer young man. Feeling a bit disillusioned at the moment, it will pass.

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  1. I get disillusioned in interviews when they have the same boring questions and act like they decide your life.
    Its the interview, its the job that makes you feel like this, not the testing part.

    My opinion.