Thursday, 4 February 2010

Brute Force

Execution is always a bit hairy on our projects, simply because the theory of doing something on the system is not always the same when comes to actually doing that something. This is compounded by the fact that some of the team (who have been around since the big bang, the dinosaurs and will be around log after I have gone) are not entirely sure how things work either.  Sometimes it can great fun, thinking you have easy script to run off you go with a sunshine smile and full of hope . Only to discover that you need to have X and oh bit of Y and some Z before A can happen. After two hours the sunshine smile has vanished to be replaced with a blood stained forehead and face of thunder

Now I know you might think that analysis and prep you are supposed to find all of that out, sometimes we do. Unfortunately most of the time we don’t, time is just not given to do what we would like to do and when execution time is tight as it is, you do end up seeing poor TA’s banging their heads against the screen, before being carried away by the men in white suits and the back to front jacket.

There is no remedy for this, no elegant piece of theory, nifty spreadsheet or wonder tool. It is sadly brute force and dogged persistence that gets you through. That’s why we do it though isn’t it...

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